Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mural of the Month! The Pink Palace

Interesting illustrated piece about the 'Pink Palace' mural in Deptford by the London Mural Preservation Society

"Autumns’s here…shorts away and warm coats on. Now is the moment when you can swish through large piles of multi-coloured leaves and make excuses for drinking lots of  hot chocolate in comfortable cafes.  It’s also a great time to go for a walk or a wander and take in some sights. A mural perhaps?   Yes, I’m encouraging the visiting again while the weather is still fair enough for you to want to leave the house. This time we are off to sunny Deptford to see the Pink Palace Mural. It’s a funny piece  - a fake facade on a 1930s housing estate for the Tenants’ association building!

If you take a step closer and have a look at the detail, the piece is littered with cupids or ‘putti’ – so it references a classical type of trompe l’oeil....."

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