Friday, 2 May 2014

Catford Bus Garage Centenary open day

On Saturday 10 May 2014, the Catford Bus Garage will open its doors to members of the public in the first of a series of bus garage open days across the capital in celebration of the Year of the Bus.

Catford Bus Garage was opened on 11 May 1914 and closed under a year later when it was commandeered by the War Department for use as a repair depot for buses during the First World War. It re-opened in October 1920 and in the early 1930s had its roof raised to accommodate double decker buses and again in 1948 to make space for the RT-type bus. It has been modernised a number of times over the years but its attractive exterior remains the same as it was 100 years ago.

Visitors to the Catford Bus Garage, which is operated by Stagecoach London and celebrates its centenary this year, will get the chance to:
  • Take a free ride on vintage and other interesting buses - 54v (Catford Bus Garage to Elmers End Station) and 47v (Shoreditch to Farnborough via Catford Bus Garage)
  • View the Year of the Bus mobile exhibition which tells the story of the London Bus and looks to its future
  • Ride on a bus as it goes through the bus wash
  • See behind the scenes in the maintenance area
  • Take part in family activities about how to use the transport system safely and responsibly with the Transport for London (TfL) Safety and Citizenship team and pick up your free bus-themed family activity pack
  • Get up close and personal with objects from the London Transport Museum collection and find out more about the stories behind them with the Tickets Please! handling collection
  • Browse the London Transport Museum pop-up shop selling exclusive Year of the Bus gifts, and stalls selling centenary merchandise and bus-related memorabilia.

The bus garage open days are part of TfL’s celebrations to mark the Year of the Bus, in partnership with London Transport Museum and the capital’s bus operators.

Events and activities are being held throughout 2014 to celebrate the role that London buses, bus drivers and the staff who support them play in keeping the capital moving, and mark a number of important anniversaries. These include 60 years since the creation of the original and iconic Routemaster, 75 years since the launch of its predecessor the RT-type bus, and 100 years since hundreds of London buses were sent to the Western Front to play a crucial role during the First World War.

Other London bus garages opening their doors on Saturdays this summer are Alperton Bus Garage (7 June), Stockwell Bus Garage (21 June), Fulwell Bus Garage (28 June), Potters Bar Bus Garage (5 July) and Walworth Bus Garage (19 July). There will also be an open day at Dartford Bus Garage on Sunday 7 September.

Further information about bus garage open days and other Year of the Bus events can be found at and

Thanks to Transport for London Press office for this information

Friday, 4 April 2014

The Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission - Call for Evidence

The Prime Minister’s Commission on the Holocaust is a national, cross-party commission that has been established to investigate whether further measures should be taken to ensure Britain has a permanent and fitting memorial and meaningful educational resources for generations to come.

“Many organisations and individuals have worked tirelessly to ensure the memory of the Holocaust remains alive and its lessons continue to resonate today. Survivors have played a crucial role by sharing their testimony. But we will not always have survivors with us and as there is a danger that, as the events of the Holocaust become ever more distant, they will feel increasingly remote to current and future generations.

The Commission is asking for written evidence. From this evidence, two expert groups focussing on education and commemoration will review current provision and identify gaps and opportunities for the future.

The Commission will report its findings to the Prime Minister by the end of 2014.”