Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Folly in Sydenham Hill Woods

fountain houseInteresting post in the Sydenham Society blog about 'Pulhamite' Victorian landscaped gardens in Sydenham

"In 2008 English Heritage published a guide to the work of Pulham & Co, who created artificial garden landscapes including grottos, temples, follies and fountains. The company also developed cement that bore a striking resemblance to natural stone and called it Pulhamite.

Pulham published a prospectus in 1877 that listed all the gardens they had worked on up to that date. Six of the gardens were in Sydenham and two in Forest Hill. The most interesting was described as “Hill Wood, Sydenham” where “Alderman Stone” commissioned two pieces of Pulhamite, one in 1862 and another in 1866 ...."

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