Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thankfull Sturdee and the Deptford Connection

The Jack-in-the-Green, Deptford
An exhibition of photographs from the Thankfull Sturdee Collection is now on display at the new Library at Deptford Lounge.
Opening hours - Monday-Friday 7am - 10pm, Saturday & Sunday 7am-7pm
Tel: 020 8314 6399

Thankfull Sturdee was born in 1852 at 209 Evelyn Street. In 1883 he married Catherine Sarah Bland when he was living at 27 Albyn Road, St. John's, London SE8. In 1903 they were living at 16 Bolden Street, not far from Albyn Road, but by 1910 they had moved to Brockley, London SE4, where they lived until his death in 1934. 

In 1911 he joined the Daily Mirror as a press photographer. A keen photographer and local historian he recorded Deptford’s history in images. His negatives and two series of prints with his own notes were donated to Deptford Borough Library not long before he died. These are now held by Lewisham Local History and Archives Centre.

Copies have also been uploaded to Lewisham Heritage's Picasa site at

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